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Moulds Making CNC Machine

Products Name: 5 Axis CNC Molding and Cutting ATC Center

Model: GY-BS1325B-5S

5 Axis CNC Molding and Cutting ATC Center

Effective Working Size: 1300*2500*800mm

Main Features: 
1. This item adopt OSAI system, high machining accuracy and high speed.
2. It adopts Taiwan HIWIN orbits and the Germany original rotating arm which ensure the accuracy and strength of the mechanical.
3. Z axis travel can be heightened to 1.5 meters, in order to be suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional surface.
4. Intelligent processing speed can control the working speed, travailing speed, dropping tool speed, lowering tool speed, greatly improve the quality and efficiency.
Applicable industry:
1. Mould industry: It engraves all kinds of large nonmetallic moulds; especially automotive foam mould, wooden ships mould, aviation and train wood moulds. 
And wood mould casting, food mould (such as moon cake mold) and other precision mould making.
2. Instrument industry: threedimensional surface of large musical instruments, cutting and shaping.

Suitable Material:
Wood, Polystyrene foam (EPS), Gypsum, Industrial wax, timber, nonmetallic carbon hybrid materials and many other nonmetal material 

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